2023 Topps Big League Hobby Box

2023 Topps Big League Hobby Box

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  • $49.95

Each Box contains One Become a Big Leaguer Scratch-Off!

Look for Social Media Follow Back Redemptions - Super Limited!

2023 Topps Big League Baseball is making big waves this year with an all-new collecting format as well as some of the most exciting, fun, and colorful designs in the hobby!

Build an expansive 310-card Base Set across Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, and Legendary tiers.

Collect Big League and Opening Act Autographs!



* Base Set Common - Card #1-200
* Base Set Uncommon Foil - 1 Per Pack - Card #201-250
* Base Set Rare Blue Foil - 1 Per Box - Card # 251-275
* Base Set Super Rare Red Foil - 1:90 Packs - Card #276-300
* Base Set Legendary Gold Foil - 1:360 Packs - Card #301-310

Base Set Parallels (Card #1-310):

* Black Foil Parallel - #'d to 25
* FoilFractor Parallel - #'d 1-of-1


City Slickers: 1:4 Packs NEW!

Collect the entire set featuring some of the best in-game imagery of players in their lively City Connect threads!

Topps Big Leaguers: 1:4 Packs NEW!

Inspired by the cult classic 1992 Topps Kids set, this insert features a colorful and eclectic mix of designs by artist Drake Cereal as they dug deep into what brings fun to the game we all love!