2021/22 Upper Deck Stature Hockey Hobby Box

2021/22 Upper Deck Stature Hockey Hobby Box

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- With a multitude of base and insert sets - all elegantly-designed, colorful and on premium stock - as well as a bevy of hard-signed autographs and premium memorabilia, 2021-22 Stature Hockey will appeal to high-end, autograph, rookie, player and set collectors alike. There is something for everyone!
- The majority of the sets are low-#’d
- All autographs are hard-signed
- Look for, on average, one Base Set Rookies card, one low-#’d parallel card, and at least one autographed card in every box! See the final slide for a full box break.


- 2 Base Set Cards
- 2 #'d Parallel Cards (Includes 1 #'d to 66 or Less!)
- 1 Base Set Rookies Card
- 1 Gravitas, Legendary Heights, or Rookie Excellence Card
- 1 Autographed card
- 1 Additional (Base Set Rookies, #'d Parallel, or Autographed Card)


Release Date: August 16, 2023